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ABLE AQUATIC SCHOOL | Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Quality Proven Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Learning to swim can be a fun experience however, finding the best swimming instructor can be quite frustrating at times but here at Able Aquatic School, we have what all you need.

Why Swimming Lessons/Classes With Able Aquatic School

All of our swimming instructors are certified by Sport Singapore, AUSTswim or STA and are qualified to teach the SwimSafer programme, lifesaving programme and Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards .

Safety First in Our Swimming Lessons

We take pride in everything we do and we make sure that all instructors are certified in First Aid, CPR and trained in advanced lifesaving techniques.

ABLE AQUATIC SCHOOL | Swimming Lessons in SingaporeWould you or your child like to become a proficient swimmer or a qualified Lifesaver? To learn to swim must not be a boring but fun and healthy experience. Here at Able Aquatic School, we have the best swimming instructors in Singapore to conduct swimming lessons for babies, children and adults in a safe and fun environment.

Finding the right instructor for your swimming lessons can sometimes be difficult and that’s where Able Aquatic School will assist you to find the right and suitable swimming lessons/instructors for your kid.

Being the longest running swim school in Singapore, Able Aquatic School’s team of coaches are very experienced and we developed our own swim training program for each of our different swimmers. Our swimming classes are also held in most swimming complexes and condominium pools around Singapore.

We love the water and we love swimming, and most of all we love sharing our love for the water with our students. Here is what a parent of one of our students has to say about our instructor Able Aquatic School, a certified swimming lessons provider.

“Able Aquatic School really knows how to build camaraderie with his young students. Seeing just how great they are with kids, it is no wonder my son always look forward to his weekly swimming lesson.”

We believe that to swim well is an asset for life. Hence, we have designed an instructional swimming class to equip our students with all the swimming skills they will need in their lifetime, to be safe in and around water.

All our instructors are well experienced and posses the necessary qualifications. You can be sure that you or your children are in capable hands. Check out pictures of our students enjoying their swimming lessons at our gallery and our blog.

You can attend our swimming lessons throughout the week at most swimming complexes in Singapore. Swimming classes are provided for both working adults and children. If you are looking for a private swimming class, just drop us a note and we can arrange the necessary swimming lesson for you.

For your convenience, our website is a one-stop Swim site where you can find out more on our swimming lessons, locations, dates and rates, class schedules, swimming equipment and even enroll for lessons. You are most welcome to purchase items for your swimming lessons from our online store and get it delivered the next day. Feel free to drop us any questions at our Contact Us page by simply filling up our inquiry form.



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Initially I was rather sceptical about the swimming instructors by Able Aquatics but after my first lesson with their recommended instructor, my daughter looks forward to her swimming class every week. Their instructors are so kind and professional and we appreciate them for helping Chloe master survival skills in the water. Chloe is so comfortable in the water and doesn’t want to leave the pool anymore!

Much Appreciated.

Jonathan Goh (Bishan Swimming Complex)

To start with, my son was so terribly afraid of water that whenever we go for a swim, he would just stand around in the shallow pool. He refused to put his head under the water or go down the slides unlike his younger brother. It was such a pain seeing him like that.
So, when a friend recommended “Able Aquatics” to me, I immediately contacted Mr. Shawn Chua who arranged for me to come for his Wednesday 6.15pm lessons.
After only the first lesson, my son was already able to put his head under the water & fondly called his coach ‘Uncle’ Shawn! From there, I knew my son was off to a good start.

Shawn, thank you, I really truly appreciate it.

Siti Nurazizah

My son and daughter used to be learning from a coach in another swimming complex years ago in a group class. There isn’t much progress during those years we were there and after a year, my son is still learning swimming with his head up! After finding for another swim school, I got a response from Able Aquatic School and immediately I was contacted by them to arrange a private lesson for my two kids. After 2 lessons, my son manage to overcome his fear of putting his head under water and eventually move on to complete his bronze in a year. Thank you Able Aquatic School. Highly recommended!!!

Jean Sng

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