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Terms & Conditions


  • All payment made is strictly non-refundable or transferable.
  • Payment must be made full to ABLE AQUATIC SCHOOL to ensure successful registration unless stated otherwise.
  • Payment must be made full to ABLE AQUATIC SCHOOL prior to the commencement of the first lesson for the new term.
  • All payment must to make to ABLE AQUATIC SCHOOL by cash/cheque or via bank transfer.
  • A deposit of one month fee must be paid and all payments made are strictly non-refundable. In any case you/your child could not attend the remaining swimming lessons; it is non-transferable to any third party.

Account details



Kindly notify ABLE AQUATIC SCHOOL upon successful transfer for verification.


Students are required to give at least1 month notice in the event whereby he/she wishes to withdraw from ABLE AQUATIC SCHOOL. Termination notice should only be sent to


Group Lesson

  • There will strictly be no refunds, compensation or make-up lesson for any absentees, late coming or cancellation of any sorts.
  • Lesson will be conducted once a week.
  • There will only be four lessons in a month regardless of the number of weeks.
  • In an effort to give some flexibility without disrupting the integrity of classes, Able Aquatic School has a limited make-up policy applicable only to illness and limited to 1 lesson per calendar month. Please be aware that many of the classes are full and guaranteeing a make-up lesson is not always possible. You will need to provide prior notice and/or a doctor’s certificate for any missed class(es) and  are aware that it is not possible to miss a make-up class. I am aware that Able Aquatic School will try to accommodate me when there is an appropriate class available. I understand that if this is not possible and I miss a class, no refund will be payable.

Private Lesson

  • Lost time due to late coming or availability of the swimming pool will not be compensated or make up.
  • Last minute cancellation will not be entertained.
  • Students are required to inform the instructor 1 day in advance if they wish to cancel the swimming lesson(only applicable for student with valid medical certificate), after which make up lesson must be arranged with the instructor.
  • All make up lesson should be arranged in favour to the instructor’s schedule.
  • Students must be responsible to arrange make up lesson if swimming lesson is cancelled.
  • All private lessons must be completed within the stated number of weeks; failure to undergo the minimum required lessons will result in any outstanding lessons being forfeited.

No lesson will be conducted on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of these swim holidays.



Public swimming pools

  • All students are required to pay their own entrance fees to all public swimming pools.

Private/Condo/Club swimming pools

  • Students are required to pay for any deposit, entrance fee or parking fee for the instructor.
  • Students are required to register our instructors with their residence management if necessary.
  • Students are required to inform our instructors of any rules and regulations or operation hours of the swimming pool.

Adverse Weather and Safety Precautions.

  • The swimming instructors and the pool authority reserve the rights to cancel or postpone the swimming lesson in the event of bad weather.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, swimming lesson will be counted in the event of bad weather conditions.
  • Land drills, exercise or water safety talk may be conducted in replacement of the usual practical lesson in the event of bad weather.
  • There will be no make-up lesson, refunds or compensation in the event of bad weather. (GROUP CLASS)
  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor if he/she is not feeling well or suffer from any medical conditions.
  • On a bad weather day, the swimming instructor and the pool authority reserve the exclusive rights to cancel the swimming lesson for safety reasons. Once a swimming lesson has started and has to be cancelled due to rain, there will be no makeup lesson. Please attend classes regardless of the weather conditions unless you have been informed that the lesson is cancelled. Lesson can be conducted under drizzling rain. Student / Parent are advised to contact the coach in the event of inclement weather.

Relief of Swimming Instructors

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the rights to send a relief swimming instructor should your instructor is unavailable.


  • By registering with Able Aquatic School, you agree to allow the use of video or picture from the swimming classes in Able Aquatic School social media platform or website.

Swimming Equipment

  • Students are required to wear our swim cap at all times during lesson time.
  • Students are required to bring along the necessary equipment.


We will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending our swimming lesson, including all costs incurred as a result of such claims.

All instructors are only affiliated to and different terms and conditions applies.

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