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Always Believe in Lifelong Exercise (ABLE), sums up the core value of Able Aquatic School. It is founded in 1981 by Darryl Chua Sing Ghiam when he was a registered swimming coach with Singapore Sports Council (now SPORT Singapore).  Able Aquatic School is an affiliate with the Singapore Lifesaving Society and is also endorsed by Singapore Sports Council (now Sport Singapore) – Sports Education Program (SSC – SEP) “Learn To Swim Program” from Year 2006 to 2016 and “ SwimSafer Program Stage 1 to 6” from year 2011 to 2016. To date, we have 400 over certified swimming instructors and getting a swimming coach will never be too difficult.

At Able Aquatic School, we believe that to swim well is an asset for life. Hence, we’ve designed an instructional swimming program to equip your child with all the swimming skills he needs in his lifetime, to be safe in and around water. Our program focuses on personal water safety and the skills necessary for your child to become a proficient swimmer or a qualified Lifesaver.

Our program is simple, goal motivated and technique based.

To make things simple for learners, SwimSafer have organized the program into 6 levels: Stage 1, 2, 3, Bronze, Silver & Gold. This allows a learning progression of swimming skills, whereby each level builds upon the survival and rescue skills learned in the previous level. Upon successful completion of the entire program, a child would be able to sustain longer in different conditions with the survival and rescue skills imparted to them.

Goal Motivated
Our goal is to teach young children to swim in a positive, safe and loving environment. We recognize that each child is an individual with different emotional and developmental abilities, hence we cater each lesson to those needs. In addition to teaching our learners the skills of swimming, we also strive to develop each child’s self-esteem, confidence, mobility, motor skills, health, speech, social skills, managing their stress level, fitness, and love for the water.

Technique Based
The proper techniques of swimming (breathing, body position, movement of the arms and legs timing) should be taught from the beginning. These techniques are incorporated into each level from the start to the end of the program.

Rest assured that our swimming coaches have been carefully trained, and are certified by National Registry of Coaches (NROC), as well as SwimSafer, Singapore. They attend continuing education classes in order to stay abreast of the most progressive teaching techniques. All swimming coaches are also trained in CPR and First Aid.

Qualifications that the instructors attained are:

  • National Coaching Accreditation Program – NCAP Theory
  • National Coaching Accreditation Program – NCAP Practical (Swimming)
  • Singapore Life Saving Society (Lifesaving Certificate min. Bronze Medallion)
  • National Registry Of Coaches
  • AUSTSwim Teacher
  • STA UK Teacher
  • Certified First Aider
  • SwimSafer Certified
  • Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award

Contact us today to enrol your child in our program to acquire this valuable lifelong skill.

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