Austism, ADHD, Celebral Palsy, Dyslexia and any other sort of special needs, we have taught it all. All of them deserve a chance to swim and they love to be in the water as they feel carefree. We have a special program catered to the special needs and the pace will be much slower, fun and enriching.  The class is usually conducted either in a small group or individual lesson where our instructors can give full attention to the student.

Our instructor have taught my students from Special Schools in Singapore. Some of them have move on to represent their school in the Swimming Meet for Special Needs.

Swimming lessons help children with special needs in physical, social and emotional development. It also promoted self-esteem, happiness and can lead to positive social outcomes.

This group of children requires patient understanding as well as a well-thought plan on the lessons for them to adapt well. Parents involvement in the lesson for group class is sometime necessary.


Why should we teach special needs children to swim?


  • We want our children to be safe around water
  • To provide quality early childhood intervention