Adult Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Swimming is truly a life skill. There are a number of situations where you might need to swim in order to survive or to participate in water sports. For the Earth is covered with 70% water, it is essential for all to learn to swim.

Adult Swimming Lessons is customise to cater adult’s learning progress and needs. Don’t worry if you are beginner or already gained some swimming knowledge elsewhere, the swimming lessons is tailored to suit you and achieve the ultimate goal, which is to swim comfortably!

At Able Aquatic School, we have many adults who have taken up swimming classes with us because they are either water phobic, wanting to correct their swimming strokes, taking part in Triathlon or any other corporate event that is related to swimming.

Our swimming instructors who specialized in Adult Swimming Lessons uses a powerful swimming teaching system to ensure your success. One such example includes under water videography for strokes analysis. Afterall you learn better by watching your own mistakes. Each lesson are plan and designed differently for each individual.

They do not follow the same swimming syllabus we have as everyone learns differently. Cast your fears aside as our highly trained instructors gently ease you in and around the pool at your own pace.