SwimSafer programme in Singapore

At Able Aquatic School, all swimming classes will follow the SwimSafer programme v2.0 which is governed by the Sport Singapore. Our swimming classes are designed with their strict criteria in mind.

As the student progress and are able to perform certain strokes, they will be sent for a proficiency test. They will attain a SwimSafer certificate each time they pass a test. These SwimSafer certificates are accepted by most MOE schools in Singapore.

Swimming Lessons for Kids

Swimming is FUN and SAFE.

Swimming increases oxygen being delivered to the brain and your child will be more alert and active. This allows them to perform and focus better on their daily activities, study more efficiently and that is what builds a scholar. At Able Aquatic School, we believe that learning to swim promotes lifelong skills and will be beneficial whether you are in, out or around the water. We love to swim and we love watching you and your children learn to swim. Register now and we are ready to impart our swimming skills to your child.

Essential Skill

Today, swimming is regarded as an essential skill and is included as part of the national curriculum. One of the most popular sports in the country, it may be executed for recreational purposes, as a competitive activity or for more adventurous purposes such as swimming in open waters.


Our kids’ swimming lessons in Singapore are designed according to the Sport Singapore’s SwimSafer syllabus, starting from Stage 1,2 & 3 to Bronze, Silver and Gold! Each stage is designed to help children in developing graceful swimming skills, life-saving and survival. Too easy for your children and not sure where to head on to after passing his or her gold award? We have an award known as the Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award where swimmers will take on the challenge of certain swimming events in a competitive setting doing proper swimming starts, strokes, turn and finishes.