Introduction to Water Skills – Swimsafer Stage 1

The objective is develop confidence and independence in the water, learn general and deep-end water safety. Techniques taught include the forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit and personal water safety.

Entries & Exits

Enter the water safely and confidently with slide-In entry and exit using ladder and from pool edge.

Sculling & Body Orientation

Recover from a face down float or glide to a standing position

Recover from a back float or glide to a standing position

Introduction to Floatation Survival Technique

Underwater Skills

Submerge in waist depth water, open eyes and blow bubbles.


Swim: Any stroke Forward movement 10 metres

Intro to Backward movement 5 metres

Survival & Activity skills

Support body in an upright position and signal distress.Grasp a flotation aid thrown for support Be pulled to safety, wearing clothing, correctly fit a PFD, jump into the water, float for 30 seconds and then climb out of deep water.

Rescue Skills



Rules of behaviour in, on or near the water. Water safety knowledge at a swimming pool.