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Toddler Swimming Classes | Able Aquatic School

Toddler Swimming Classes in Singapore

Children and toddler learn to swim better in a happy and encouraging environment. They are being taught through games and having fun while swimming.  This is why you should part in Able Aquatic School swimming classes in Singapore. Introducing swimming to your young children young helps them to overcome the fear of water, built up their motor skills and to lead a healthy lifestyle with swimming. More importantly, it can help save lives. We are aware of their needs as well as their attention span therefore, swimming lessons with a shorter duration and smaller class size can improve their focus and develop a willing to learn attitude. Smaller swim class size ensures that equal amount of attention is given to each of them.


Kids pick up things faster when they start their swimming classes young. They are more flexible and can execute certain swim kicks and pull better compared to when they are older and starting to build up muscles. By providing your child with swimming lessons, it can teach them to lead a healthy lifestyle. By teaching them to lead a healthy lifestyle from young, it helps to develop a positive character and to be healthy and fitness conscious in the future.

Child’s Experience

Our toddler swimming instructors in Singapore are committed to ensuring a comfortable learning experience for you and your child. We have specially designed our syllabus in a weekly lesson plan to cater base on your children’s ability. For parents who prefer a more personal class, they have the option of choosing a private swimming class. This gives your child full attention for 30 minutes. On the other hand, for parents who prefer their child to share the joy and experience with other toddlers, the group lessons awaits them!

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