1. From the period of 1 Sep – 31 Dec 2020, each 180min slot allows two (2) classes of 90min or three (3) classes of 60min
  2. Each class will allow a ratio of one (1) coach to five (5) pax
  3. Any caregiver/parent who requires admission into the facility must be included in the five (5) pax quota. Strictly no entry if they are not within the five (5) pax
  4. Admission charges to the pool apply
  5. Each instructor may be allocated ONE (1) slot (180min) per day, with a cap of FOUR (4) slots per week
  6. Slot allocations are until 31 Dec 2020 and are subjected to changes in alignment with the COVID-19 Multi-Ministry Task Force announcement.

– Parents to install the ActiveSG app and apply a supplementary account for the child (if they do not have one).
– The child will need to purchase a child pass or tap on MyQR to enter the pool. Kindly remind parents to have sufficient myCash for the transaction.
– Please assemble your students outside the pool and bring them in as a group.
– Coaches are also required to ensure there is no inter-mixing with other groups of students and leave the facility with the students at the end of the session.