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Changes to Public Swimming Pool Swim Classes

IMPORTANT NOTE: From the period of 1 Sep – 31 Dec 2020, each 180min slot allows two (2) classes of 90min or three (3) classes of 60min Each class will allow a ratio of one (1) coach to five (5) pax Any caregiver/parent who requires admission into the facility must be...

Resumption of Swimming Classes

Revised Time Slots For Public Lap Swim Based on the usage patterns since 19 June 2020, we have revised the swimming pool time slots to better meet the needs of the community. From 16 July 2020, members of the public can enjoy their lap swimming on weekdays from 0900...

Swimming Lesson in Sengkang Swimming Complex

Swimming Lesson in Sengkang Swimming Complex Sengkang being a fairly new town, sees a lot of new families setting up home and getting comfortable in the area. Over the years, there are lots of amenities being built and one such example is the Anchorvale Community Club...

Swimming Pools for Baby/Infant Swimming Lessons

Planning to send your baby/infant for swimming lessons? Our instructors are certified either with STA, ASCTA or Austswim, specializing in teaching babies and infants. They have spent days and time some even flew out of the country to learn the right technique to...
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