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55th National School Swimming Championship 2014

The meet program is out for the 55th National School Swimming Championship 2014. Please follow this link to download and view the program. Good luck to all junior and senior swimmers...

Singapore National Age Group 2014

  Email from Mr Philip Lau (Meet Director) The 45th Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championships ended most successfully last week.  As you may not be aware, this SNAG was a very special one.  The 45th SNAG has many first.  For a start, it had the most number...

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Swimming Lessons for Adults Looking for a adult swimming class near you? We are here to help! Do not be ashamed or embarrass to start now. Age isn’t a barrier and one shouldn’t stop learning. We held swimming lessons for adult and children at your own...

FINA Swimming World Cup Singapore 2013

Yet another successful Swimming World Cup this year, the exposure and experiences gain during this meet was unforgettable. We had 3 World Record Broken in a single day and it wouldn’t be possible without those athletes, officials and delegates. Well done...

4 Ways to Improve Your Swim Technique

Learn to Breathe Bilaterally Most swimmers naturally prefer breathing to one side over the other. Bilateral breathing means you can breathe on alternating sides, or every third stroke. Even if you don’t always use it, it’s a handy skill to have come race day....
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