45th SNAG Sr Photo


Email from Mr Philip Lau (Meet Director)

The 45th Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championships ended most successfully last week.  As you may not be aware, this SNAG was a very special one. 

The 45th SNAG has many first.  For a start, it had the most number of sessions (17 sessions) so far.  Previously, it was only 15 sessions the most.  Secondly, the number of compulsory events had also gone up as follows:

Junior SNAG  

200m – compulsory for 8-10 years old

200IM & 400m Free – compulsory for 11-12 years old

 Senior SNAG

400m Free and 400IM – compulsory for 13-14 years old

 These in a way extended the officiating time for each session.

 This is the first time we are running an unprecedented session (S10) for a straight 6.5h albeit the TOs were separated into two groups for their meals.

 For all the above, plus the fact that the turn out for each session being so encouraging (something that was beyond my expectation), I am eternally grateful to all those who have officiated.  I hope that you have enjoyed the camaradarie and the close cooperation everyone has shown as much as I have enjoyed leading you.

Finally, it leaves me to thank the following personnel who made 45th SNAG a huge success: 

  Singapore Swimming Association

  a)  Mr Ang Peng Wee  – Advisor

  b)  Mr Allen Koh            – SSA TSC Chairman

  c)  Mr Ridhwan A          – SSA Swimming Manager

  d)  Ms Ashley Tay         – SSA Swimming Executive


  45th SNAG Technical Committee 

  d)  Ms Farida Menon    – Dy  MD/ TO Manager

  e)  Ms Tina Ong            – Administration Manager (for also helping out in the distribution of TO attire)

   f)  Mr Harrison Yong    – COC   Manager 

  g)  Mr How Wan Peng –  Facilities Manager

  h)  Mr Stanley Low       –  Dy TO Manager

   i)  Ms Tay Liang Yu     –  Dy COC Manager  

   j)  Mr Arthur Lee           – Dy TSC Chairman (for helping out in the TO assignments)